Engineered Oak Flooring UV Lacquered Prime AB Grade 190mm x 14MM

Thickness: 14mm Width: 190mm

£41.45 - £45.45 / sq m

Engineered Oak Flooring UV Lacquered Prime AB Grade

All boards are carefully chosen to give that cleaner, selective look. With less variation and no sap wood, and only the occasional small knot. Prime AB boards are a high quality board.

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Oak Flooring Lacquered Prime AB Grade

Prime AB

Oak Flooring Lacquered Prime AB Grade boards, carefully chosen to give that cleaner selective look. With less variation and no sap wood, and only the occasional small knot, Prime AB boards are a high quality board.


Lacquered flooring has multiple coats of polyurethane lacquer for a tough, resilient, finish which once installed requires no further treatment generally, just natural cleaning.

Long length

Normally 80% of long length product will be of fixed lengths, and usually 1900mm or 2400mm depending upon the product.

Engineered flooring is a multi layered product consisting of a top layer , a central core and usually a backing layer , to provide a very stable floor with a natural wood surface.

Prepared ready for finishing.
As it says no surface treatment applied so will need a finish applied to the flooring either prior to on on installation.

A finished product which has multiple layers of UV lacquer factory finished and ready to install. No further treatment required on installation other than normal cleaning for a tough resilient floor.

Natural Oiled
2 coats of natural oil is applied during manufacture for that extra Matt natural finish.
All natural oiled products should have a finishing coat applied soon after installation.
Cleaning and re oiling should be done to maintain the floor properly, usually between 9 and 24 monthly intervals or whenever the floor looks tired. (Please see cleaning and maintenance guide).
Brushed and oiled floors have the grain lifted during manufacturing to give a textured effect.

This is designed to be an ultra rustic look often with splits , cracks and open knots. Can be finished with colours , oil or lacquer for that special unique rugged look.

Hand scraped
This type of flooring is crafted to be irregular in texture with smooth channeling and often is finished in colours. Usually made from rustic varied wood to provide a fabulous individual styled finish.

A rustic grade with knots colour variation, sapwood and end splits all acceptable for a value for money no nonsense natural floor.

Classic grade
Designed to show off the beauty of wood flooring in its most natural way. Colour variation, knots and some sap wood is normal in these types of products. To give that real character natural wood look.

Prime grade
Specially selected to be an elegant cleaner look, small pin knots are acceptable and some colour variation but no sap wood. For that select high fashion elegance.

A highly varied floor which an incorporate open knots , splits , colour variation and sap wood for the most rustic fantastic looking flooring!

Hand scraped
A rustic floor which has undulating appearance and texture made by channeling and carving the surface for a truly magnificent look. Colour variation, knots, splits and sap wood are acceptable in this style of product.

These boards are made from a single piece of wood which is profiled and finished to be ready to install.

These floors are made to be installed easily with the minimum of fuss. They are designed to lock together in most instances without the need for adhesive.
This type of flooring also allows the floor to be up lifted if required.
Generally they should be laid on an underlay as a floating floor.

Random. A variable multi length style. Usually starting from 300mm .for an irregular style of flooring.

Usually most boards are of a fixed length with a limited number of boards divided to give a classical full plank look.

Manufactured to be glued on the joints or secret nailed.
This jointing system is the most common for wood flooring.
Basically the one side of the board has a tongue and the other a groove .